Adventure Tails - Unique Outdoor Adventures for your Four-legged Friends

Group Adventures

The dogs are transported to all of our Adventure destinations in our Adventure Van. We have two pet barriers set up to divide the back of the van into two separate compartments. Dogs can often become nervous when in a confined space with other dogs, the set up of our van allows for us to separate dogs into their own area to keep them secure and comfortable. After your dog's Adventure, we will send you an email or text with a photo of your dog enjoying his day.
Book your dog for Adventures 5 days a week and receive 10% off our regular prices!
If you don't need regular weekly walking but are still looking for some savings, receive a 10% discount when you purchase a PrePaid Adventure 10 Card (cards can be for any Adventure you want or a combination of Adventures, just let us know what suits you best!). PrePaid cards do not expire and are transferrable to other pets if you have family pooches visiting or if you're dog sitting for a friend!
All prices INCLUDE tax!
Off-Leash Group Play
Your dog can have a full hour of off-leash group play at one of Canmore's three dog parks as part of a pack of 6 dogs. The small pack size allows for greater control over the dogs and their energy, and increases your dog's safety while playing with his buddies. The small pack size also allows us to spend more one-on-one time with your dog and to play fetch or tug with him if he prefers to play with two legged companions. Including travel time, your dog will be away from home and socializing with his buddies for 1.5 to 2 hours.
One Walk
$20 per dog
$30 for two dogs from the same household
Two Walks
$35 per dog
$50 for two dogs from the same household
Contact us for a quote if you have more than two dogs from the same household.
Group Hiking
Do you have a dog that never seems to get tired? Does your dog act up in the house, destroy your property or drive you crazy when you're trying to relax? Do you have one day a week where you are run off your feet with work and family commitments and walking the dog is the last thing you want to do? 
If this sounds like you, sign your dog up for a group hike and be amazed by how much calmer your dog is in your home and give yourself a day off from walking the dog!  We will be on the trail for 3 hours and cover 10-12 km depending on the difficulty of the trail and the conditions of the dogs participating. For extremely energetic dogs, we have Ruff Wear dog backpacks (sizes small, medium, and large) that the dogs can wear and help carry some of the gear load. The extra weight and the sensation of having a "job" to do can help your dog focus and tire him out both mentally and physically. If your dog has had any surgery or joint problems, please consult with your veterinarian prior to requesting for your dog to wear a pack. Including travel time, your dog will be away from your home for up to 4 hours.

$40 per dog
$75 for two dogs from the same household
Contact us for a quote if you have more than two dogs from the same household.
Solo Adventures
If your dog isn't suited to a group environment or if our Group Adventures don't fit wel into your schedule, we offer Solo Adventures that provide your dog with exercise and stimulation without the stress of other dogs. We have limited availability for Solo Adventures, please contact us to schedule your dog's Solo Adventure as they cannot be booked online.
Solo Walk
Your dog can enjoy a one hour leashed walk where he is the centre of our attention. We'll do our best to find a trail or pathway to walk where your dog can find all sorts of interesting smells and areas to explore.
$25 per dog (1 hour)
$15 per dog (30 min)
$30 for 2 dogs from the same household (1 hour)
$20 for 2 dogs from the same household (30 min)
Contact us for a quote if you have more than two dogs from the same household.
Solo Run
If a walk just isn't enough to drain your dog's boundless energy, then send him on one of our hour long Solo Runs. Jess is a triathlete, so this run isn't for slow-pokes! Locations for the run may vary from pathways on the Bow River, to the trails on the Horseshoe Loop, to the new Legacy Trail, or wherever our mood takes us. We will run obstacles around trees, over picnic tables, and over/around anything else we can find to make the run more fun for your dog and to stimulate him both mentally and physically. Running obstacles requires your dog to pay attention to his leader, and begins to develop a leader-follower relationship. You may find that your dog pays better attention to you and walks nicer on his leash after coming running with us on a regular basis.
$35 per dog
$40 for 2 dogs from the same household.
Contact us for a quote if you have more than two dogs from the same household.
Solo Bike Ride
Calling all border collies, huskies, or any other dog with endless amounts of energy! We are now offering Solo Bike Rides using a springer attachment on our bike. This attachment ensures your dog's safety by restricting him to staying along side the bike and not allowing him to wander in front of or behind the bike. Solo Bike Rides are offered in 30 or 60 min outings.
$20 for 30 min ride
$30 for 60 min ride
Due to the type of bike attachment, we are only able to take one dog at a time on our solo bike rides.
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