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Adventure Tails - Unique Outdoor Adventures for your Four-legged Friends
At Adventure Tails, our mission is to make your life easier and your dog's life happier!
We strongly believe in the adage "You get what you pay for".  At Adventure Tails, our credentials far exceed those of any other dog walking and pet care company in the Bow Valley.
We keep your dog MOVING! Allowing the dogs to stand around at the park leads to energy stagnating within the pack which can cause fights and scuffles to occur. No standing around for us! We keep your dog moving around the park and exploring through the trees to keep everyone happy and make sure your pooch goes home tired!
We are the only company certified in Pet First Aid and CPR and we always have a first aid kit on our person so we can respond immediately to any situation that arises. We attend seminars and conferences on a wide range of topics including canine body language, behaviour, stress signals, and nutrition. We have participated extensively in obedience training and can provide training tips and advice, from teaching your new puppy leash manners to more serious situations like working with reactive dogs. Our desire to keep your dog safe and happy far exceeds our desire to make large profits, so we will never have more than 6 dogs in our care at one time. You wouldn't leave your child in the care of just anyone, and as a member of your family, your dog deserves the same consideration!
We provide both off-leash and on-leash adventures to cater to all dogs and their personalities. Off-leash play is great for dogs with lots of playful energy and sociable personalities. However, not all dogs can be allowed the freedom of being off-leash, and we are dedicated to offering exciting on-leash activities to exhaust those dogs as well. There will be no boring leashed walks around the block when on one of our Adventures! We also offer Solo Adventures for dogs who aren't suited to a group environment.

Please consider to get a dog door for your cat or dog. Having a pet door just makes sense. Your pet doesn’t have to wait on you to decide.
Prior to your dog joining one of our Adventures, we'll schedule a free consultation with you and your dog to give us a chance to meet each other. It's important for us to forge a good relationship with our clients so that you can be assured that your dog is receiving the best possible care while participating in our Adventures.
We encourage you to contact the Mutt Hut, Canmore Veterinary Hospital or Bow River Vet Clinic prior to selecting a dog walking company to get the low down about the various companies from other professionals in the industry. We are held in high regard from all the pet care and pet health industries in the Bow Valley!
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